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Check the detailed Resume [CV] of Dr. Ghulam Mohey-ud-din, here you may either see online CV or may download in PDF & MS Word version of the CV as well. Check the detailed profile for qualifications and experiences.


Dr. Ghulam Moheyuddin has published one book, three papers in reputed (HEC recognized) Journals, one paper in book and many papers are in progress. Moreover, also drafted various official reports etc. for details click below.


Dr. G. Moheyuddin has worked on three development and two research projects with experience of feasibility study, monitoring & evaluations, write monthly report for review meetings, report writing and research/ analysis.

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About Pakistani Economist

Dr. G. Moheyuddin is a hardworking, resourceful and ambitious economist with 10 years of experience & understanding of economic theory and its practical implications. He has a professional experience of working as Economist, Research Analyst and of working on development project M&E & Management,

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Testimonials (on LinkedIn Profile)

Ghulam is a thorough professional with immense analytical skills, depth of knowledge, report writing, project planning and implementation [skills].

Mr. Khalid Khan Project Director (World Bank Project)

As an Economist, he successfully completed a project, "Census & Survey of Small and Cottage Industry in Punjab". During this project, I found him the most experienced especially in monitoring, evaluation and methods of conducting research.

Mr. Sabih Zaka Project Head (Census) PSIC

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The Bay Area housing market hits a snag thanks to absurd prices: San Francisco home sales are down by 12 percent year-over-year.

Anyone that thinks SoCal housing is nutty need only look at the Bay Area for how crazy things can actually get when it comes to real estate.  The Bay Area has seen some of the wildest real estate speculation and

Los Angeles has the lowest homeownership rate in the entire country and rental Armageddon continues.

Los Angeles County continues to have the lowest homeownership rate of any large metro area in the country.  This is across all data.  Los Angeles County has 10 million people while the larger LA-OC MSA includes 13 million since it

Do you believe in housing market cycles? Some analysts do and many markets are hitting an exuberant apex.

The economy and stock market definitely go in cycles.  Real estate was largely immune to this up until the late 1990s when creative financing was introduced into this largely boring sector.  Aside from pocket bubbles and localized frenzies, real estate