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Simple Linear Regression Model: Free Economectrics Tutorial Using Stata 15

Step by Step Guide to Estimate “Simple Linear Regression Model” Using Stata This is a simple, easy to understand and step-by-step statistics tutorial on estimation of Simple Linear Regression Model using Stata 15 with youtube tutorial for better understanding and hands on practice session. Simple linear regression model is a linear model with one independent variables which is represented by

Punjab Spatial Strategy Banner
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Punjab Spatial Strategy 2047: A Roadmap for Structural Transformation, Integrated Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development

Why Punjab Need Spatial Strategy? Punjab has been a region endowed with abundant natural resources of land, water and demography for centuries and remained the backbone of numerous empires and dynasties, even since the Indus Valley civilization. However, the absence of a spatial perspective in the planning framework has led to ad-hoc decision-making in the past. For instance, the Industrial