Senior Economist with 15 years of diverse experience of industry and academia

Dr Ghulam Mohey-ud-din, PhD

  • Gold Medalist

    Islamia University Bahawalapur
  • Research Publication

    Book and 15 Articles
  • PhD Economics

    GC University Lahore
Dr Ghulam Mohey-ud-din Senior Urban Economist Pakistani

Ghulam Mohey-ud-din (Urdu: غلام محی الدین‎) is also spelt as Ghulam Moheyuddin, Ghulam Mohi-ud-din, Gulam Mohey-ud-din, Ghulam Mohiuddin & Ghulam Mohyuddin ]

  • Dr. Mohey-ud-din is an experienced senior urban economist having 14 years’ experience in economic research, urban & development economics, forecasting, policy advice and university teaching. Holds proven track record being part of mega development projects and contributing in successfully achieving the project goals by employing advanced research & analysis tools

  • He also worked on significant projects including ‘Punjab Spatial Strategy 2017-2047’, ‘Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project’, ‘Census of Small and Cottage Industries in Punjab 2012-14’ & ‘Public-Sector Capacity Building Project (funded by the World Bank, Govt. of Pakistan, and Govt. of Punjab)

  • He holds PhD Economics degree, awarded in 2015; recognized for being part of a couple of industrial censuses, data collection, leading research teams handling economics activities in manufacturing / industrial and urban sector and formulating reports. Eminently maintains liaison with civic and private (national & international) organizations, built and led senior economics and research teams​.

His major projects include Punjab Spatial Strategy 2020-2040, Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project, Census of Small and Cottage Industries in Punjab 2012-14 & Public-Sector Capacity Building Project for world bank, Govt. of Pakistan, and Govt. of Punjab

He has made a prominent contribution towards international economic collaboration by play effective role in 3rd Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan held in Islamabad and organizing Punjab Economic Forum 2017 in Lahore.

Specialties: Economic Analysis | Urban Project Development | Research & Analysis | Business & Technical Reporting | Teaching & Mentoring | Policy Development | Programme Development | E-views, SPSS, Stata & Microfit | R & N-Vivo | Trend Analysis & Forecasting | Team Leadership & Coordination | Communication & Presentation